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Exponential Roundtable

13th october 2020

How can I host a Roundtable?

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We are already in contact with leaders from many cities in Europe. However, if you, as a leader or your church/organization, want to host a Roundtable in your city, please download the information Host Exponential Roundtable.

100 Exponential Roundtables in Europe

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Exponential is a community with a cause. Our common vision is to see reproduction and multiplication become the norm in the language and behavior of the church of Europe. Our topic for the Roundtables is Igniting a culture of multiplication.

Together with the board, our partners, and the NC2P network in Europe, we are believing for more than 100 leaders in Europe that are ready to host an Exponential Roundtable in their city.

What is an Exponential Roundtable?

It is one gathering, in one day, in 100 European cities. The Roundtable is a gathering of 25 to 50 church planters and leaders who want to explore the topic of multiplication in their own context.
The six-hour gathering will happen on Tuesday, 13 October 2020.


The goal

Our new goal for 2020 is to arrange Roundtables in at least 100 cities across Europe. We want to see one day, one gathering, in 100 European cities.


The Exponential Roundtable will be one gathering held over different time zones in more than 100 places in Europe.

Because we have one gathering for 100 Roundtables in cities located in different time zones across Europe,
the Exponential Roundtable will
begin at different times in different
nations on the same day of
Tuesday 13 October 2020:

There will be a direct communication between the various cities and with Berlin.

Tuesday 13th October 2020


igniting a
culture of

one day,
one gathering,
in 100 cities
across Europe.


Tuesday 13th October 2020


Exponential speakers Exponential Roundtable

leo bigger

Leo Bigger

ICF Church
Raphael Anzenberger

Raphael Anzenberger

Speaker and author

Øystein Gjerme

Salt Church

Dave Ferguson

New Thing

Ric Thorpe

British Church of England bishop and an expert in church planting
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Conference 2020 in Berlin canceled

Exponential leadership has been closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 in Europe.
We have been waiting to take a final decision if Exponential Conference 2020 in Berlin needs to be canceled. At our board meeting on May 19th, we decided to move the conference to
12-14 October 2021.