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Dear Hosts,

We are thankful that you have said yes to host an Exponential Roundtable in your city 13 November 2021!

In order to make Exponential Roundtables 2021 a success, we will give you regular new information to organise and realise your local Roundtable. On this webpage you will find all the information you need, either to download or through links. What you can find below are:

We also invite you to the host gathering in Berlin 12-14 October 2021. As a registered local host, we welcome you to this gathering in order to prepare the main theme for Roundtables together and offer in-depth teaching, training and inspiration to our Roundtable leaders and hosts. The link below will give you the most important dates you need to know about, and we have also written a suggested invitation letter you can send to leaders around you and invite them to the Roundtable in your city. Thank you for being part of Exponential Roundtables 2021!

Manual for the host of a local Roundtable

As the local host you are privileged to inspire the participants to develop a common vision for reproduction and multiplication to make a big impact in your region. We pray for God's presence and that we together can create a place where He can speak through His word and Spirit, and through experienced leaders who share their insights and teachings. Since we are gathered in more than 200 cities we need to keep the schedule tight. You can download the host manual here:

Host manual coming soon

If you have any questions about the program and information you find in the host manual, please contact: maria@exponential.eu.


Detailed programme for Saturday 13 November


In order for you to prepare in the best way possible, we give you access to our detailed programme. You can download and use this for your preparation. If you have any questions about this programme, please contact: maria@exponential.eu.

Detailed Programme Roundtables 2021

Manual for the technical host

One of the most important persons at the local Roundtables is the technical host. You will most likely need a technical team around you to make your Roundtable a success. Please download the manual and pass it to your technical host in order for him or her to read all the details.

There are three important dates for the technical host to be aware of in the preparation:

August: kick-off meeting with all hosts and technical hosts

September: technical host meeting

November: Testing with all cities

Technical host manual coming soon

If you have any questions about the technical hosting, please contact: maria@exponential.eu.


Marketing materials for each nation

You are the expert when it comes to inviting participants to your Roundtable, and spreading the information together with the people around you. You can use the following channels:

  • Social media:

    Use social media and send people the link to our website: exponential.eu, or directly to the registration landing page in your language where they can register for your city.

  • Personal invitation by email:

    Send out an email with a personal invitation to your network.

  • Flyer:

    Use the flyer we have made in your language. You can find the flyer at our website here: exponential.eu/media/

If you have any questions about this, please contact: andy@exponential.eu.

Update of participant registration for your city

As a host, you and the people around you are the main source of inviting participants to your local Roundtable. We help you as good as we can from where we are. In order for you to know who is going to participate at your Roundtable, you get access to the registration list of your local Roundtable. You will get an email with the link to this list which will be updated ongoing.

Keep in mind, there will most likely be people showing up at your Roundtable, who have not registered. Have a system in place for them to register and pay their registration fee right away (see host manual). If you have any questions about this, please contact: andy@exponential.eu.


Access to all speaker sessions

All main speaker sessions are pre-recorded. We are working to have all the videos accessible with subtitles in your language. We will have all videos ready by the end of September. You can find all the main speakers and the guide on how to access them at our course website: exponential.courses/roundtables-2021/main-speakers/.

Important information: The main speakers deliver a 15 minutes message at Exponential Roundtables, but they have also made two 20 minute extended teachings which will be available afterwards. We will offer all the teaching sessions and these extended teachings after Roundtables 2021 for use for yourself and within your own context of ministry for free.

As a part of Roundtables you will have two 20 minute sessions with a workshop speaker. In this session you have two choices:

Have a live speaker that you choose from your context

Have a pre-recorded workshop speaker that Exponential offers

By the end of September we will give you access to all the possible high-quality workshop speakers to choose among. For more information about the speakers, visit: exponential.eu/roundtables-2021/speakers/.

There is also a guide of how you can transcribe the workshop you choose into your language, if it is not yet transcribed into your language. You will find more information on: exponential.courses/roundtables-2021/workshop-speakers/.

If you have any questions about this, please contact: andy@exponential.eu.

Participant handout for Roundtables 2021

All participants at Roundtables should be given a handout in their language when they arrive. The handout will be in A4 format and could easily be sent to a printing house or even for you to print yourself. This will be ready by the end of September and can be downloaded in your language from our media page:

Handouts coming soon

If you have any questions about this, please contact: andy@exponential.eu.

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