Nouvelles d'Exponential

Reproducing Church in Nitra, Slovakia

There was an openness to the gospel and many people respond. Morrio Toth, a church-planter from Slovak tell the story of how they have seen new churches planted in their nations.

Multiplication as being prophetically spoken for this time and age in Europe

How can we see multiplication take place in traditional denominations today? Bishop Ric Thorpe gives the story of the Anglican Church in UK.

Culture of multiplication is historically proven

European history gives many examples of Exponential growth. The Methodist movement is one of the. Dr. Martin Robinson describes what happened.

Exponential implante des Églises? Non!

Exponential cherche à venir aux côtés des implanteurs d’églises et des organisations auxquelles ils sont affiliés. Nous cherchons à avoir un impact sur l'implantation d'églises en accélérant la multiplication d'organisations de premier plan qui implantent des églises.