Then the third one there 27 close to 30 so it’s it grows the team grows at an exponential rate we are talking about multiplication in the Bible and especially in the New Testament church how does multiplication apply to their apostles if you take the Apostle Paul for instance it’s very interesting it’s actually quite staggering to see that he grows each team at an exponential rate the first missionary journey there are three of them the second one there’s nine of them and then the third one there 27 close to 30 so it’s it grows the team grows at an exponential rate so one can say that in the New Testament when we think about multiplication as it applied to the Apostles one thing is for sure is that the multiply leaders and Paul did it with great passion Paul and also Timothy to whom he actually urged to pass on what he received all the way to the second generation so what we can we can say that when it comes to multiplication for the Apostles what they multiply is leadership and Worcester an exponential growth in the New Testament if you look at the book of Acts in the Lucan accounts there are three things that multiply it’s actually always the same Greek word and we see that the Word of God multiply and usually the biblical scholars will agree that it refers to evangelism same word also applied to the disciples the disciples multiply and the third thing is that the church multiplied so we have the gospel that multiplies disciples multiply and then churches multiply so if you think through it we can assume that gospel multiplication leads to disciple multiplication which leads to church multiplication in other words we go from gospel movements to disciple making movement to church planting movement that’s how the book of Acts tells a story of multiplication you.

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