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Imagine what would happen if we would work together with God realising HIS plan for our region in union with our families, by having one mind in our teams, and taking our whole church with us together with the other churches in our cities? If this becomes a reality, there would be an exponential expansion of the gospel being spread and reaching every corner of the world. This would surpass our most visionary ideas. Wouldn't it be great to be part of this? We want to take you with us on our journey of working together: Together with God, Together with Family, Together in a Team and Together in a Network. Are you ready to join?


TOGETHER - equip to Multiply Cover

I had never seen anything quite like this. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I believed him. So, I started walking around the room introducing myself and asking these leaders who they were and their denomination. Øivind was right—Reformed were working alongside Armenians; people who were complementarian were strategizing with egalitarians; Pentecostals were working with Baptists. Each team had committed to a three-year process with the vision of a church planting movement across all of Europe. It was one of the most remarkable gatherings I’d ever witnessed! This diverse group of churches and leaders coming and working together to plant more churches set the stage for a movement of multiplying churches.

That was when it hit me, “This is what’s missing!”

– Dave Ferguson
President, Exponential US