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How can the refugee crisis in Europe be a gospel opportunity among the Ukrainians?

The churches in Ukraine, Poland and the neighbouring countries have responded in a significant way to the crisis. The gospel is spoken through deeds and words. But what will happen next? What is God speaking through this crisis? How can we use this as a gospel opportunity? How could this be a possibility to multiply disciples, communities and churches among the Ukrainians. What can your local church do?

Many of our partners already do a lot, and we have put together some of these resources here, for you to get inspired and to help you being able to do even more in your surroundings. This list will be updated as we get more information.

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22 Days of Encouragement

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Facing Crisis - Finding Hope

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Summer Outreach

Humanitarian aid and ministry work

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Video updates from UBTS

Updates from the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian Roundtables

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Compassionate Communities

Material for churches to respond to the crisis

The Hope for Ukraine

Відкрити для себе надію (Discover Hope)