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You can now register as a participant to your local Roundtable. Click on your country for more details, and see if there is a Roundtable planned near you. If not: Maybe you are the person to host a local Roundtable at your place?


Wondering what will happen at Roundtables 2021? Click here to see a list of this year's speakers.

Host registration

Could you be a local host for this year's Roundtables?

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Have you already registered as a host? Here you will find all the information you need to host a Roundtable.

One day, one gathering, in 200 cities across Europe.

No Roundtable registered in your country yet? Read more about what Exponential Roundtables are below, and become a host yourself!

Imagine sitting around a table with 6-8 others from your city, listening to teaching on how you can lead people to Christ, disciple them and be a part of starting new churches.

Thousands of people in Europe are doing this today. Listen to their story, get inspired and be challenged to take your next step. Join us as we TOGETHER - equip to multiply.

Big Idea: We have long understood and put effort towards the Great Commission (Matthew 28), which is the challenge to "Go." More recently we have acknowledged we must also obey the Great Commandment (Mark 12) to "Love." But the missing part that makes up the mission of Jesus is the third great, the Great Collaboration (John 17) - that we must do this "Together."

For us to see a movement that will accomplish the mission of Jesus we must do what Jesus asked us to do: we are to MAKE DISCIPLES … and LOVE … but TOGETHER!

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What is Exponential?

Exponential is a community with a cause. We are thousands of leaders who are passionate about church planting. Our common vision is to see reproduction and multiplication become the norm in the language and behaviour of the church of Europe.

We want to see the gospel, leaders, disciples, churches and networks multiplied through all over Europe. We are developing resources and courses for local churches and leaders.

What will be happening at Exponential Roundtables?

Roundtables create an environment where you sit together around tables, discuss what you have heard and learn from each other. We are looking forward to seeing you at a local Roundtable in your city.

Exponential Roundtables


A series of 15-minute teachings will be presented - all transcribed into your language.

Read more about this year's speakers here!


There will be a number of online workshops available.


A time to talk and reflect together sitting around tables.


Stories from church planters all around Europe.

After Roundtables you will get access to the teachings and some extended teachings from all the teachers and seminar holders on our course website.


Exponential Roundtables will be one gathering held over different time zones in more than 200 places in Europe.

We are looking forward to being together with you on Saturday 13 November 2021. Because we have one gathering for 200 Roundtables in cities located in different time zones across Europe, each Roundtable will begin at different times depending on the nation. Please look at the map to find out when it starts in your city.

There will be direct communication between the different cities, and between the different cities and the host studio in Berlin.


Registration for Exponential Roundtables 2021!

Registration Fee

The amount you pay in registration fee depends on the nation you live in. Our normal fee is €25 for Central and Northern Europe, and €15 for Southern and Eastern Europe. By paying the registration fee set for your nation, you are supporting the growing Exponential movement all across Europe. Thank you for your support!

The registration fee will not cover the cost of food, beverage, coffee or others at the local Roundtable. Depending on each host, please have in mind that this could come at an additional cost. To keep the expenses as low as possible, we've decided together with our board and partners that with arranging 200 Roundtables in 200 cities, the best way is to challenge our local hosts to take care of this, as they know their community best.

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