Exponential Roundtable

13th october 2020

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Could you be a local host for Exponential Roundtable?

Are you a leader that:

Understands the urgency to shift focus towards reproduction and multiplication in the church of Europe?

understands the power of a leadership united around a common vision?

Knows the importance to expose a young generation into the topic of church planting?

Wants to be a part of a community with a cause, and work and embrace the vision of Exponential to see reproduction and multiplication become the norm in the language and behaviour for the church of Europe?

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If this is true, we believe you could be a host for the upcoming Exponential Roundtable.

We invite you to take a leadership in bringing together the entrepreneurs and a generation of young passionate leaders, sitting around tables listening, engaging and are challenged to spread the gospel, multiplying disciples, leaders and new churches in their environment. You facilitate conversation where the gathering consists of 40% input from main European speakers (either from zoom calls, videos made available from our website, or from live speakers of your choice), 30% workshop for seminars, where you as a host decide on what is fitting for your environment, and 30% time for reflection, engagement around tables and lunch time. Among the participants, we believe the most needed conversation in our time is: How can we move the church from declining to growing into a place of reproduction and multiplication.

100 Exponential Roundtables in Europe

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Exponential is a community with a cause. Our common vision is to see reproduction and multiplication become the norm in the language and behavior of the church of Europe. Our topic for the Roundtables is Igniting a culture of multiplication.

Together with the board, our partners, and the NC2P network in Europe, we are believing for more than 100 leaders in Europe that are ready to host an Exponential Roundtable in their city.

What does it require from you?

Connect with Exponential leadership:

For those of you who have registered as a host before 1st of July, we want to have a meeting with you on one of the following days: Either Tuesday 7th or 14th of July from 1400 - 1500.


For those who have registered as a host between 1st of July and 1st of August, we want to have a meeting with you on one of the following days: Either Tuesday 11th and 18th of August from 1400 - 1500.

There will be a kick-off meeting with all hosts together with Dave Ferguson, Øystein Gjerme, Jürgen Eisen and Øivind Augland on Tuesday 29th of September from 1500 - 1630. Please add this to your calendar.


What do we need from you?

You will need to take the hosting responsibility and lead the gathering 13th of October, and be the main point of contact with Exponential. You will also need to secure a place and nice environment where people can sit around tables (this is a must), and where you have the technical equipment and a high-speed internet to play the seminars.

(more information will be available 1st of July)

Teams are needed to execute the conference. We suggest you at least should have people responsible for:

You will need to provide at least one proper meal for the participants, with beverages and snacks available throughout the day.

High-speed internet connection with a screen to show videos and to connect to Zoom.

A setup for audio and lighting which meets the capacity requirements for your gathering size, including equipment needed for live seminars if you’re doing this.

A technical person who can be the contact point for Exponential. 

You will have ongoing access to the registration list for your city. You will need to have a solution where non-registered participants can register and pay the registration fee.

We will need you to take some marketing responsibility through your own network locally, but we provide all information needed through our website and with flyers that you can use. We provide: 

  • Information on our website in your language.
  • Flyers that can be used for marketing.


What do you get from us?

Exponential is responsible for all information, registration, program and content of Roundtable. It is one gathering expressed through 100 roundtables in indigenous languages.

We will make the information available through our website, in newsletters and through social media, but are at the same time dependent on local engagement for local marketing.

We create a registration system including all languages and nations that will arrange a roundtable. Registration starts 1st of July for the places where there’s a host clarified.

The program will consist of 40% input from main European speakers, 30% workshop for seminars, where you as a host decide on what is fitting for your environment, and 30% time for reflection, engagement around tables and lunch time.

The topic is: “Igniting a culture of Multiplication” and every participant will have access to an online book on this topic with many European authors. Translation: We provide a simple translation system for film transcription into your language.

Most of the teaching will be in English, but the goal is to provide the teaching with subtitles in your languages. The discussions you will host in your own language and we will make the material available in as many European languages as possible.


The Exponential Roundtable will be one gathering held over different time zones in more than 100 places in Europe.

Because we have one gathering for 100 Roundtables in cities located in different time zones across Europe,
the Exponential Roundtable will
begin at different times in different
nations on the same day of
Tuesday 13 October 2020:

There will be a direct communication between the various cities and with Berlin.

Tuesday 13th October 2020


The host registration is open from 1st of June to 1st of August 2020. Please go here to register as a host for one of the 100 cities.

The registration for participants will open here at 1st on July 2020.

We are looking forward to be hearing from you. Take the challenge and register as a host for Exponential roundtable 2020. We could be more than 2000 leaders in Europe, linked together from 100 cities. All engaged in the vision of seeing a multiplying church planting movement in Europe.

On behalf of the board and partners. 

Øivind Augland

    Jürgen Eisen