Make a change in your city.

Host a Roundtable.

Roundtables are a day of learning, laughter,
and deep conversations with pastors and church leaders from your city!
Let’s explore multiplication and reproduction together to make a positive impact in our communities.

Join us as a Roundtable host in your city!

What is my role as a host ?

We’ve taken care of all the content, making it easy for you to focus on guiding participants through a day that’s not only informative but also enjoyable.

But here is what we invite you to do:

Find a venue

Ideally a space where you can play content and set enough tables to welcome all the participants.

Invite people

Invite pastors and leaders from your city and region for a fun day of relationship and learning.

Be a great host

We suggest that you offer coffe and snacks, and make sure the content is accessible.

For more detailed informations you can download our hosting guide here.

Your expertise will make this event truly exceptional.

What about the content ?

Explore this year’s theme effortlessly with our workbook !
Translated into multiple languages for your convenience, it’s designed for easy navigation.


In it you will find:

– QR codes to all the videos.
– Discussion questions.
– European testimonies.
– A section to go deeper.
– And more.

You will receive the workbook as soon as you register to host a Roundtable,
and the participants will be able to download it once sign up is complete.
You also be able to find it on the host package page.

So all you really need is an internet connection and a screen to watch the videos on.

Still have some more questions ?

Download our host guide book for more detailed informations

Check out our FAQ

Is there a schedule ?

Typical Roundtable normally lasts between six and seven hours, depending on how you chose to run it. The programme is split between pre-recorded sessions and time for you to work in groups. With this, you can easily apply Roundtables to best fit your context, by either running the entire programme on the same day, or having it split up into multiple evenings.

You can find a couple suggested schedule here.

How can I cover my costs ?
Roundtables material is free to use for everyone. If you have expenses with hosting your Roundtable, you can take up an offering, have participants pay or donate for the food you provide or have an entrance fee to cover your costs. We would also kindly ask you to mention to all participants that we solely rely on donations, so if they liked the material, we are very happy to receive a donation. You can either give them the option to do this individually, or you can do this as a group.
Can I do it within my church?

Though you get a lot of experience out of Roundtables by doing it with Christians from different churches, it is also possible to go through it as a house group, cell group, leadership group or equivalent.
All you need is a place to sit, your computer, and the workbook.

How can I register to host a Roundtable?

It’s pretty simple, if your country is available on this map, select your country and click on “I want one in my city”, otherwise click on the button next to the map.