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As a Kingdom leader, you must regularly ask yourself three questions:

What? So What? And Now What?

The goal of this book is to answer that last question. As such this book’s format is simple and practical. If concepts are not easily grasped and cannot be readily applied, they lose power in ministry. In the economy of the Kingdom of God, the most potent effect is brought about by simple application. This is how Jesus taught his apprentices. He did not ask the disciples to teach all he had commanded them; instead, he admonished his disciples to ‘Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you’ (Matt 28:20, emphasis mine). Teaching comes alive in the application; remember, if we have not done it, we have not learned it.



Together - Equip to Multiply

Our 2021 Roundtables book is available now in English and German.


Igniting a Culture of Multiplication

Our 2020 Roundtables book is available in multiple languages.

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Shift: The Road to Level 5 Church Multiplication

If you are tired and frustrated with living the status quo, this book is for you.

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