Exponential Europe is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing, gospel-centred communities. We equip movement makers with actionable principles, ideas, and solutions. We are passionate about accelerating multiplication through movement makers!

Our common VISION is

to see reproduction and multiplication

become the norm in the lanugage and behaviour of the church in Europe!


Distributing thought leadership


Mobilising and equipping movement makers with actionable principles, ideas, and solutions for the accelerated multiplication of healthy, reproducing, gospel-centred communities.



Exponential means ‘accelerating multiplication’. That is the core of what we seek to do (our mission).

Executive Board

Øystein Gjerme

Øystein Gjerme

Visionary Leader
Øystein Gjerme is the founder and lead pastor of Salt Bergen Church in Norway, and also the head of the Norwegian pentecostal movement. He is chairman at Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology. For many years he lead the multidenominational movement Sendt Norway, a movement which main purpose is to help church planting.

Dave Ferguson

2nd Chairman
Dave Ferguson is an award-winning author, founder, and pastor of Chicago Community Christian Church, a missionary congregation with multiple locations, considered one of the most influential churches in the US. Dave is also the visionary of the international community founding movement NewThing and CEO & co-founder of Exponential US.
Øivind Augland

Øivind Augland

Øivind Augland is the founder and teacher of M4Europe. He serves as pastor and church planter with the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway. His calling in life is to bring young people, generations, leaders, churches, denominations and nations side-by-side to increase the expansion of the Kingdom.

Contextualisation team



Bishop of Islington, and the national bishop of church plants in the Church of England.
Øystein Gjerme


Founder and leader of Salt Bergen Church, leader of the Norwegian pentecostal movement, and chairman at Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology.


Co-founder of NC2P and leader of ImagoDei.


Co-founder of Exponential and President & CEO of Exponential US.

Extended board

Robert Tomaschek

Leader of DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International) in Europe.

Christian Selvaratnam

Director of the Centre for Church Planting at St Hild Theological College, and a member of the Archbishops' College of Evangelists.

Dave Patty

Czech Republic
Leader of Josiah Venture in Europe.

Dietrich Schindler

Lead church planter in Germany and co-leader of NC2P in Germany.

Yaroslav Pyzh

Church planter and president of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in Lviv.

Christian Kuhn

Church planter, leader EA in Switzerland, NC2P leader and adm. leader of ESBS.

Aggregate and celebrate

Platforming what God is up to in Europe, championing the value of reproduction and multiplication. An Exponential Conference should be owned as broad as possible, a platform for all Church planting organisations in Europe, and model churches, denominations and other organisations, but should be narrow in the focus on reproduction and multiplication.

  • Learn

    Create a place for mutual learning, inspiration and empowerment for reproducing and multiplying church planting of all kind in the European context.

  • Share

    Give a space for all involved in church planting on a European and regional level to give their best to the collective body of Christ.

  • Collaborate

    Initiate collaborative learning through cohorts, learning community and other arrangements initiated by people in the network, and through books and content.

  • Envision

    Create a visionary space for a young generation of Europe to ‘Just do it’.


Pursuing Next

Most productive work happens in the trenches today.

We seek to help leaders be more effective and productive today by helping them see around the next corner yesterday.


Does Exponential plant churces? No!

Exponential seeks to come alongside and serve church planters and the organizations they are affiliated with. We seek to impact church planting by accelerating the multiplication of leading organizations who are planting churches.

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Church multiplication resources

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