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Want to know more about being a host?

In order to make Exponential Roundtables a success, we will give you information here to organise and realise your local Roundtable.

On this webpage you will find all the information you need, either to download or through links.

What you can find below are:


Øystein Gjerme

Visionary Leader


Øivind Augland


As the local host you are privileged to inspire participants to develop a common vision for reproduction and multiplication for making a big impact in your region. We pray for God’s presence and that we together can create a place where He can speak through His Word and Spirit, and through experienced leaders who share their insights and teachings.

One of the most important persons at local Roundtables is the technical host. Therefore, you will most likely need a technical team around you to make your Roundtable a success. Please read through this information carefully. If you have any questions about the programme and any information you find here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Access and use of Roundtables

A typical Roundtable normally lasts between six and seven hours, depending on how you run it. The programme is split between pre-recorded sessions with time to work in groups, and more flexible session where where you can either choose from one of our pre-recorded workshops, or you can have a live session with local speakers. With this flexibility, these sessions are for you to apply our content into your context.

The pre-recorded content you will find as a full programme on our course website. The different sessions are recorded in English, but you can also choose among Spanish and Ukrainian or Russian voice-over for the main sessions, in addition to transcriptions in many different European languages.

We recommend running Roundtables as a one day event, but it is also possible to split it into multiple evenings. Contact us for a custom-made programme that fits your context.


Once you decide to organise a Roundtable, you as a host are in charge. You are inviting the participants to your local Roundtable. We offer you the content, you are responsible for the rest. You can find more details of what we require in our host booklet.

The first two Roundtables we held (‘Igniting a Culture of Multiplication’ and ‘Together – Equip to Multiply’) are offered for free, and for future Roundtables there will be a small fee. Once you have gained access to a Roundtable package, it is up to you if you want to charge participants for being at your Roundtable or if you offer it for free.


There is a handout for each Roundtable, which you print and give to each participant at your local Roundtable. The handouts can be found together with more information on the different Roundtable topics.

More topics will
be developed
over time