Let's talk about multiplication.

Roundtables create an environment where you sit together around tables with other people from your city, listen to teachings, discuss what you have heard and learn from each other.


What are Roundtables?

A typical Roundtable normally lasts between six and seven hours, depending on how you chose to run it. The programme is split between pre-recorded sessions and time for you to work in groups. With this, you can easily apply Roundtables to best fit your context, by either running the entire programme on the same day, or having it split up into multiple evenings.

‘What if 10% of all the churches in your city started to plant new churches or reproduce leaders on all levels?’

What you will experience during Roundtables?

We put together material that is relevant, contextualised and impactful to start conversation around multiplication.

We do this through three elements.


A series of short video teachings on the topic of multiplication.


Testimonies from church planters all around Europe.


Questions and talking points to help the participants engage with the teaching.


Roundtables are the perfect space to dream and reflect, with people from your city, at the growth of the kingdom of God in your region. It is a powerful tool to start working together towards a common goal of multiplication.


I see these Roundtables as a missional think tank of the European church and a strong impulse for sharing the Gospel in our generation.


I enjoy the Exponential Europe Roundtables because they are a great gathering place for those that are passionate about kingdom work and multiplication. It is an event to learn, discuss, dream, connect and plan locally as well as for our continent Europe.


Got questions?

If you want to know more, check out these frequently asked questions.


It’s easy! You just have to register and download the Run a Roundtable packet, and it will take you through a step by step process.

Yes, that is the only requirement we ask. You register the date, address and attendance of your Roundtable. We would love to promote it and to know the impact it bears.